100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Residential Services

Target Pressure Cleaning Inc. provides residential clients in Lakeland, Florida and all of central Florida a wide variety of services to meet your needs. We offer a complete inspection, evaluation and estimate on any property without cost or obligation. We give top notch service at competitive pricing with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

List of Residential Services

Executive Homes – Pool Decks – Pool Cages – Screen Rooms – Driveways – Rust Stain Removal – Sidewalks – Fences – Wood Deck Restoration – Gutter Clean-Out – Paver Cleaning – Boat Docks – Paint Prep – Painting – Brick Cleaning – Patio Furniture


Professional Quality Services

Executive Homes
Shopping Plazas
Gas Stations
Gutter Clean Outs
Wood Deck Restoration

Heavy Equipment
Pool Enclosures
Cloth Awnings

Prep For Paint
Pool Decks
Fencing/Exterior Walls
And More


High Reach Capabilities, Hot/Steam or Cold Water Cleaning!
Target Pressure Cleaning Inc. Offers Low Pressure, No Damage Solutions!

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