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Target Pressure Cleaning Inc. is a family owned and operated business that provides professional quality pressure cleaning services to commercial and residential clients. We are based in Lakeland, Florida 33813 and serve all of central Florida. We offer a wide variety of services to meet the individual needs of our clients. We offer a complete inspection, evaluation and estimate on any property without cost or obligation. We give top notch service at competitive pricing with 100% satisfaction guarantee. – Target Pressure Cleaning

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Cleaning in general enhances and restores the original appearance of almost anything. When it comes to the exterior surfaces of your home or business nothing can bring that curb appeal back like pressure cleaning. This also prevents the harmful effects of mother nature from taking the life out of your exterior paint job. Protect your investment by not only by keeping it clean but also assuring the job is done right by licensed, insured and well trained technicians. High pressure does not have to be used in order to clean most surfaces. As the owner of Target Pressure Cleaning Inc. I will personally evaluate each and every property and offer the safest and most effective cleaning solution to satisfy you the client every time.

Pressure Cleaning has evolved into better technology and techniques allowing for more effective ways to clean most surfaces without the need for high pressure. Target Pressure Cleaning utilizes these techniques on most surfaces and has over 25 years of experience in the pressure cleaning industry. Soft Washing is the new way to clean and Target pressure Cleaning provides this service on most applications. Trust your most valuable assets to us and let us earn your business.

No, of course not. All work can be completed as long as we have access to the property and everything in our pre home inspection is put away and windows and doors are closed. In today’s world we understand you have better things to do than wait around for us while we clean. So go about your business and we will take care of everything else, unless you just want to hang out with us. That’s OK too! What ever you prefer.

The type of equipment used depends on the job. We have high pressure machines, high volume/low pressure machines, hot /steam cleaning machines, surface cleaning machines and self contained water machines. We also have high reach capabilities! All of our equipment is trailer mounted for fast and easy dismount. This provides you with fast and efficient service thus saving you time and money. The proper equipment will be discussed during the free evaluation of your property needs and used accordingly.

In the hands of an un trained and inexperienced person not only can pressure cleaning damage your property but the chemicals used can be just as harmful. In any profession damage occurs due to human error not the equipment or products used. In our profession the damage is always due to human error and inexperienced persons operating equipment and or improper use of cleaning chemicals. We have been in business since 1992 and use only trained professionals that have years of experience and been with Target Pressure Cleaning for years as well. We do not use day labor workers or untrained technicians. Please don’t trust your most valuable investment to just any one. Target Pressure Cleaning Inc. is licensed, insured and fully equipped to handle any job big or small.

No water, No problem! Of course water is good however we have water tanks and other sources available if need be. Target Pressure Cleaning Inc. will get water to your job by tank truck, trailer or other connections we have that may be close to your job site. No worries, we will work out the details during our no obligation evaluation of your property.

Target Pressure Cleaning Inc. feels that it has the lowest prices for the services that we provide. We are very competitive in our pricing and try to match or beat our competitors pricing. Our competitors are not always truly our competitors however. We will never sacrifice the fact that we are insured, licensed, don’t cut cost on cleaning detergents or quick and ineffective cleaning methods. Our reputation means more to us than trying to compete with uninsured, unlicensed and inexperienced so called pressure cleaning companies. We provide quality services at fair and competitive rates matching or even beating our true competitors prices in most cases for the services that we provide our clients. Let us show you the difference.

This is all a matter of opinion. Every one of our clients ask for different cleanings at different times. This is what keeps us busy year round. Every client determines when and how often they have us out for a cleaning. Things like time of year or seasons for some clients matter for different reasons. Frequency depends on the environment in which you live and how often you want things freshened up. We don’t always have to clean everything all the time. Many of our clients have us freshen up certain areas for parties or get together occasions. To answer your question it’s your choice depending on your needs and wants.

Of course or I wouldn’t have lasted this long in the business that I’m in. There are so many new products and technology behind cleaning solutions currently available today it would be silly to risk damaging property or plants. However I still hear the stories of dead plants, damaged paint , windows and screens. Some due to careless pressure cleaners using to high of pressure or to close to objects they are cleaning, however improper use of cleaning chemicals can cause just as much or even more damage in the wrong hands.

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